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Killer Unicorn Trailer #1 (Explicit content)

Killer Unicorn Trailer #2 (Explicit content)

KU Promo - Collin "Bye" (Strong language)


"Jata inhabits the multi-faceted Wes and has the vocal chops to do justice to their solos, as well as a duet with their love interest, Patrick" (Click photo for full Broadway World review)

The Future is Great - The View Upstairs

Wes & Patrick (The View Upstairs)

"The actors embody their characters with such realism and vulnerability that one could imagine the roles written with these actors specifically in mind."

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Listen to Meditation (a musical art project)

Featured Actor/Dancer in City Of My Dreams official music video


Endangered Original Off Broadway Cast

"Snoop (J’royce Jata), a spotted skunk, looks like Jimi Hendricks but raps like, well, Snoop."

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FAME National Tour

"Jata gave an outstanding performance as a youth from the inner city who struggles with a learning disability.

This young man brought a larger than life persona to his character garnering quite a bit of audience reaction during his scenes." (Click photo for full review)

Do You Love Me - Dirty Dancing Nation Tour

This Is Not Over Yet - Parade 

with Gillian Hassert accompanied by Kelly Thomas

Dancin' On The Sidewalk - FAME National Tour

Love Man - Dirty Dancing National Tour

Tito Suarez Understudy

The Consistent Slay documentary by Shelby Zoe Coley

Marc Kimelman - A Bronx Tale Associate Choreographer 

BroadwayCon ft. Lesli Margherita

Be Black Trio -Memphis National Tour

Bar Songs Trailer (Choreographer)